Most of our clients have never been faced with having to sue or being sued. It is often confusing for a self-represented litigant to navigate their way through the Court system.

It is impossible for us to spend time in conference with everyone who calls, to answer all their questions and provide direction. 

However, we can provide a complimentary assessment of your claim and suggest your best course of action. After our response you will be aware of the actions you must take to advance your claim or if being sued, to file a defence.

Fill out the form completely and we will respond with:

  • A general idea of the nature of your situation, debt, damages, breach of agreement, set aside application, etc.
  • Identify issues that may be relevant
  • Note any limitation periods or statutes
  • Identify the actions you should take and provide links to required resources
  • Provide a fee structure and service package should you wish to retain our firm.


  • Provide your name or company name and the name or company name of the other party
  • Provide a brief chronology of events
  • List dates and times of relevant events
  • List only the relevant facts
  • Do not send any documents unless specifically requested

If you have an action in progress and require a specific service, we can provide representation at Applications, Mediations, Pre-Trial Conferences, and Trials.

We do not respond to anonymous inquiries, you must provide your full name, address. and phone number.

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