Landlord Tenant issues. Tenant Representation.

The Small Claims Court Company recognizes that most tenants are at a disadvantage when in dispute with a Landlord.

We have created a lower cost ‘hybrid’ program to assist tenants.

It is a co-operative program:

  • If we accept your case our company will draft your application, itemize any monetary claims, address any costs you may claim, organize your evidence, file your application, provide witness names, serve the application and evidence on the Landlord.
  • You will be responsible for attending the RTDRS hearing and testifying, you are the one who best knows your story and we are experienced in drafting the foundation of your claim, the commencement documents.
  • However due to the discounted cost and the hours required to advance an RTDRS application, we are only able to take on ten cases per month.

Fill out the assessment form in full and if we can take on your case we will notify you.

Note: If you are in arrears on your rent, we can not help you. By filling out and submitting the form below, you are also confirming that you are not in arrears.