Pre-Trail Conference Attendance

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Details of a Pre-Trial Conference:

  • A Pre-Trial conference is held in a private room with a Judge who will ask questions of both parties in order to determine the issues in dispute, the number of witnesses and the length of the trial, the Judge may also urge the parties to consider a settlement.
  • Parties are expected to exchange relevant documents to each other prior to a Pre-Trial Conference.
  • A Pre-Trial Conference will last between 30 to 60 minutes
  • The Judge may ask if the parties wish to settle without trial, if that happens the parties will confirm an agreement or payment and the matter will be resolved.
  • If the parties cannot agree then a trial will be scheduled.
  • The Court will issue an Order for production of documents, videos, etc and a deadline for production. The Order will state the date of the trial.

Services Include:

  • Review client’s Civil action.
  • Consult with client regarding their goals.
  • Attend the pretrial conference.
  • Review order and provide guidelines to client regarding deadlines.
  • (Not included: Trial and evidence binder, three are required for trial.)

Cost is based on volume of documents and time required to index, tab and print.

The cost of this service is based on one Plaintiff and Defendant, and does not include Court filing fees, service of documents, or Alberta Registry searches.

(Other factors beyond the control of the client and Agent may require actions not initially anticipated.)


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