Set Aside Application for Plaintiff in Civil Action

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  • You represented yourself and followed all the directions.
  • You drafted, filed, and served a Defendant with a Civil Claim.
  • The Defendant did not respond.
  • You made Application for and received a Certificate of Default Judgment.
  • You may have even begun enforcement, or started a garnishee summons.
  • Suddenly you are served a Set Aside Application.

Now what?

The Small Claims Court Company has handled hundreds of Set Aside Applications.  We are familiar with the process, and experienced in opposing Set Aside Applications.

Our services include:

  • Consultation with client
  • Review of commencement documents
  • Review affidavit(s) of service
  • Draft and file response to the Set Aside
  • Appear in Court to make arguments to deny Defendant Application
  • Make arguments for costs

The Cost for this service is based on one Plaintiff and Defendant, and does not include Court filing fees, service of documents, or Alberta Registry searches.

(Other factors beyond the control of the client and Agent may require actions not initially anticipated.)

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