Civil Claims: Plaintiff Premium Service Bundle

Our Most Requested Service.
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This program is designed to provide full services to the Plaintiff from commencement of the claim, until the conclusion of a mediation.

Litigants in Civil Claims are required to attend (non-binding) mediations prior to proceeding to a trial.

Because 65% of all Civil Claims are settled at mediation, and approximately 15-20% more are settled prior to a trial our company only charges for the services our clients require immediately, or in the near future.

Our Premium Service Bundle includes:

  1. Consultation with Client.
  2. Drafting Civil Claim and pleadings.
  3. Review of documents and evidence.
  4. Evidence binder.
  5. Any required searches.
  6. Filing Civil Claim and related documents.
  7. Serving the Civil Claim on Defendant.
  8. Review of Defendant Dispute Note.
  9. Attending mediation with you.
  10. Assist in drafting settlement agreement if mediation is successful.
  11. In the event Defendant does not respond:
    1. Note the Defendant in Default.
    2. Make application for a Default Judgment or Damages Hearing.

The cost for this service is based on one Plaintiff and Defendant, and does not include Court filing fees, service of documents, or Alberta Registry searches.

(Other factors beyond the control of the client and Agent may require actions not initially anticipated.