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Background Checks on Contractors, Home renovations, Roofers, and other Companies
We are pleased to announce a comprehensive service to educate and protect consumers in Alberta.  Our Enhanced due Diligence Reports allow the consumer to obtain information on companies or individuals in order to make an informed decision prior to handing over your hard earned cash.  Our mandate is to provide Enhanced Due Diligence to consumers at a reasonable cost.
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At Alberta Small Claims Court Agents we find that a significant percentage of our clients are individuals who have tendered funds for construction or other services only to find that the work commissioned was either not done at all or the work is deficient or sub-standard.  In the worst cases our clients have provided a substantial deposit and find that they never see the person or company again.  They are often faced with the necessity of hiring a new company to complete or remedy the work while attempting to recover their money from their original contractor.  In almost all of these cases an investment of a few hours and a few hundred dollars could have saved thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Purchase a full report for only $450.00 (plus applicable taxes).

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The information provided is extracted from various data bases which are available to the public.  We provide no comment on the search results, we do not evaluate or interpret the information provided.  The information is provided to our clients ‘as is’ and the client may make their own determinations.

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