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  • Serving clients in Calgary, Alberta and the rest of Canada since 1999.
  • Effective and Economical, conveniently located on 7th Avenue, three blocks from the Courthouse.
  • Experienced and Effective representation in Provincial Court Civil Division (Small Claims Court).

Do you have overdue receivables, debtors who refuse to pay, contractors who are with holding your payment, or other similar issues?

We specialize in debt recovery by using the Alberta Small Claims Court system and offer 15 years of Small Claims Court experience. ASCCA can provide an effective alternative to a collection agency which merely relies on phone calls and persuasion to try and collect your money. A debtor can put off a collection agency just by refusing to answer the phone. But a debtor ignores a Civil Claim at their own risk. We get the job done quickly and effectively.

Whether you are an individual requiring a ’one time’ service, a small business with ongoing collection problems or a larger corporation, we can assist you to bring final resolution to your debt recovery matters. Call us and take advantage of our experience and economical services

We offer an economical Flat Fee debt recovery program, one up front payment to cover initial costs and disbursements, and the remainder of fees may be paid from funds recovered. This allows the client to engage our comprehensive litigation and enforcement services without large up front retainer fees.

We can normally initiate an action for uncontested debt for a reasonable 'up front' cost plus disbursements and taxes, the remainder of the fees may be paid upon recovery of owed funds

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